Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going South

So I'm on my way down South for Thanksgiving and thought I should write something. People in my community were upset I was leaving but good food is a very big incentive for me. I have to make sure I tell everone too. Last time I left for 2 days I got chewed out for not telling the girl I buy phone units from, and the boe fruit lady, and my supervisor, and various neighbors. It's a lot of people to inform.

Anyway...Jirapa has been good. I have been doing a lot in the schools lately. My friend Adien teaches in a village like half an hour outside Jirapa and asked me to come talk to his students about HIV/AIDS. There have been a lot of teen pregnancies so he really wanted someone to speak to them. So me and this guy from the education office decided to head out one morning to Adien's school. Now, my HIV/AIDS talks are getting fairly good if I do say so myself- but they are usually geared towards like 20 to 30 kids...Adien literally meant he wanted me to talk to his ENTIRE school. Over 100 students...outside...and only a few speak English. Oy. So I made the best of it. Had them play a game...maybe got through to about 6 of them. I hope. They all wanted to see the white lady talk. The students always have interesting questions though. They use black poly bags here for everything and they asked if they could use one as a condom. Um...no. Please don't. Other questions included the start of HIV which their science teacher battled me over. I kept trying to focus on the fact that its here. And we have to deal with it no matter how it started. Right?

After the talk Adien took me to his Aunt's family's house close by and I just have to say I love greetings here. This is how it went.. In Daagare but I will translate.
Adien: Good morning
Aunt: Morning, How is work?
Adien: Fine
Aunt: How is your house?
Adien: Fine
Aunt: How is your Father?
Adien: Fine
Aunt: How is your Mother?
Adien: Fine
Aunt: Sit and eat.
Adien: Ok, Elyse lets eat.

Simple. To the point. No time for wasted conversation. But its all love when people want to feed you I say. Hope all is well back home. I keep dreaming about snow... I think my body is confused... but I'm enjoying the sun :).
Miss and love you all.