Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello to everyone! First of all I would like to say that there is no virus attached to this blog. So if you got a virus it wasn't from this. I don't want people to stop reading it because they think they could get a virus. Blogspot is a very legit website and no viruses can be downloaded from it. All the other PCVs are using it and have never had this problem...

Alright. So I arrived at site a few weeks ago and have actually unlike a lot of volunteers been really really busy. Coming to Africa I thought I would be in a rural area with no electricity, no running water, no computers...oh how I was wrong. My community is fairly large and the government offices are in my town. This is where I actually have a desk! A few days ago I just found out that I will be needing to submit a report to the District Assembly every month of my activities. So things are reminding me of home! It is still no America but I find it funny when my neighbors ask me if I'm going into the office today. So I'll just give you a run through of one of my days...
5:30am-woke up to goats outside, dishes, breakfast, bath.
6:45am-Walked to the hospital, met with another volunteer in the area who is from South Carolina, a retired English teacher! She is wonderful. We talked about working together on some projects.
8:00am-We walked to the high school she is teaching at where a girls camp was going on that week. I told the girl child officer I would love to help if they needed me so she told me she wanted me to speak to the like 1/2 an hour. Got to love impromptu public speaking to over 100 Ghanaian teenage girls! So I got up and decided it would be fun to have them say "Power" after every time I said "Girl". It went over pretty well! Then I just talked about the Peace Corps and about how important education is and finishing your schooling before you have children etc...
12:00pm-I headed back to the Hospital in town and met with the VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing center) in-charge nurse. She seemed really hesitant about working with me so it will probably take a while to gain her trust. It was a little disappointing.
2:00pm-Went back to the District Assembly and met with the radio operator who is going to start helping me work on my Dagaare! The first session was a little unorganized but we'll see how it goes.
4:00pm-Headed back to the Girls camp and watched the final talk on Gender Roles. They had some great local female public speakers for the girls. Pretty interesting.
6:00pm-Met up with my counterpart back where we live. This is when I found out I need to submit a report :).
7:00pm-Made no bake cookies for Joy for her birthday!

So ya. Just getting to know people in my community and trying to figure out what kind of work I can get started! I miss you all! Hope you enjoyed all the photos on facebook.