Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yay Internet and Yay Ghana!

Hello Everyone!! So I finally made it to an Internet cafe! I've been trying and the Internet has been down everywhere I go but alas I'm figuring out that that is Ghana. Alright well let me see if I can try to capture what has been happening. We've been traveling a lot!! We were in Accra which is just a crazy ridiculous big city, and then we went on our vision quests and now we're in the Eastern Region!

My vision quest was great and scary all in one. The lovely Maria fed me and led me around her village called Sankpala in the Northern region. She was putting on a HIV/AIDS week so we did a presentation at the clinic and then a fun education/game/station thing at the school. To end the week there was a teacher student football match so of coarse I had to play. Someone passed me the ball and I started juggling and all the kids freaked out! I'm probably the first white girl they've seen juggle a football. So I put on a Jersey to play with the teachers (who I was soon to find out all played on a team for the city and were very very very very good) and a group of little girls just gathered around me in awe. They were so excited I was going to play too. So I have decided I need to start a girls football club at my site in August. The girls just don't get a chance to play and they all want to. Anyway, I'm thinking we're all going to play in like bare feet and sandals...hahaha I was wrong. All the kids run to their huts and come back with cleats (boots). They may not have real shoes but let me tell you they all have football boots! Priorities right? So here I am in my Chacos and a little boy Abikari asks me, "Madame! Madame! Are you going to play?!!" I'm like, "I guess so but I forgot to bring my boots" and he just laughs and runs to the field. Now the field is like all dirt with no lines, so I ask one of the teachers where the lines are and he says, "No, its ok, we just know." I'm thinking oh man this is going to be interesting... We start the game and there is a huge audience and there are drums being played the entire time. I maybe touched the ball twice...but they were all really great and tried to pass to me. There isn't much passing since the ground is so uneven and I am in really bad shape but I had a good time. I plan to improve.

We move in with our home stay family tomorrow so I'm really excited and really nervous. We've been getting shots, going to meetings, and playing a lot of cards so its been pretty relaxed so far. I just bought a cell phone so hopefully I'll be able to call some of you soon! I miss you all soooo much!! I just got a letter from you Grandma so I'm excited to read it!!! Please send letters they are awesome!!! And then I feel cool when they say my name. Hahaha.. Hope all is well in the states! Bye Bye!!


  1. You go girl! Football is for everyone! Play with your tennis shoes or barefoot. We are going to Billings for the wall-eye fish fry at Steve and Lori's for Father's Day weekend. Chloe is coming too and we'll see how she gets along with Otis and Big Frank. Love you, Mom

  2. Soooooo happy to hear from you. I'll write more letters. How's the food. Hope your're eating enuff to keep up your strength. Sounds like your're having a great learning experience. What more can you ask. Stay well and God's peace.

  3. Hey it is good to hear you are alive. I was wondering when to hear from you. It figures you would find someone to kick a ball around with over there. Sounds like they are keeping you very busy keep me posted.


  4. YEAH!!!! I have you blog as my home page so I can check up on you everyday!!! I am happy to hear things are going great so far!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a blast and can't wait to read your next blog!!! Good luck with everything!!! miss and love you!!

  5. Elysie-Pie!
    So glad to hear from you! I miss you a ton, but glad to hear that you are doing well & playing lots of football! :P I hope you have been getting my letters - I've only sent a few, but I hope they are making it all the way to you! Love you! Beanie

  6. hey girl! Sounds like you are having a great time! It's really cool reading about everything you are doing! Have fun!
    Love you!