Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello to everyone! First of all I would like to say that there is no virus attached to this blog. So if you got a virus it wasn't from this. I don't want people to stop reading it because they think they could get a virus. Blogspot is a very legit website and no viruses can be downloaded from it. All the other PCVs are using it and have never had this problem...

Alright. So I arrived at site a few weeks ago and have actually unlike a lot of volunteers been really really busy. Coming to Africa I thought I would be in a rural area with no electricity, no running water, no computers...oh how I was wrong. My community is fairly large and the government offices are in my town. This is where I actually have a desk! A few days ago I just found out that I will be needing to submit a report to the District Assembly every month of my activities. So things are reminding me of home! It is still no America but I find it funny when my neighbors ask me if I'm going into the office today. So I'll just give you a run through of one of my days...
5:30am-woke up to goats outside, dishes, breakfast, bath.
6:45am-Walked to the hospital, met with another volunteer in the area who is from South Carolina, a retired English teacher! She is wonderful. We talked about working together on some projects.
8:00am-We walked to the high school she is teaching at where a girls camp was going on that week. I told the girl child officer I would love to help if they needed me so she told me she wanted me to speak to the like 1/2 an hour. Got to love impromptu public speaking to over 100 Ghanaian teenage girls! So I got up and decided it would be fun to have them say "Power" after every time I said "Girl". It went over pretty well! Then I just talked about the Peace Corps and about how important education is and finishing your schooling before you have children etc...
12:00pm-I headed back to the Hospital in town and met with the VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing center) in-charge nurse. She seemed really hesitant about working with me so it will probably take a while to gain her trust. It was a little disappointing.
2:00pm-Went back to the District Assembly and met with the radio operator who is going to start helping me work on my Dagaare! The first session was a little unorganized but we'll see how it goes.
4:00pm-Headed back to the Girls camp and watched the final talk on Gender Roles. They had some great local female public speakers for the girls. Pretty interesting.
6:00pm-Met up with my counterpart back where we live. This is when I found out I need to submit a report :).
7:00pm-Made no bake cookies for Joy for her birthday!

So ya. Just getting to know people in my community and trying to figure out what kind of work I can get started! I miss you all! Hope you enjoyed all the photos on facebook.




  1. Good to know that no viruses here. I mailed you another package today stating blanket enclosed. You haven't said how the weather is in Jirapa so don't know. Anyway it will look real colorful on your bed. I love all the pictures on facebook. Happy to hear that you are keeping busy and have friends close by. Waiting for pictures of your home. Tell the boss you need a computer in your office. Then you can blog every day or so. Ha! Tell Joy Happy Birthday from your Grandma. Stay well.

  2. I love your "Girl Power" story. Oprah and I are proud that you are doing positive self strength and empowerment messages. Dad and I are gearing up for the first Griz football game for 2009. GO GRIZ! I have a package to get in the mail to you. My computer at home is slow so I have only made it through 143 pictures so far. Welcome to government employment. You will get the hang of it. Great Obama pictures at the podium with the president of Ghana. President Obama is going to telecast a message to America's school children on Tuesday, 09/08/2009. Obama is a motivational speaker and will talk about staying in school, having goals and being the best you can be. But believe it there is a faction in USA that believes this is undue influence (brain washing) and parents are opting out pulling their children from school so as not to hear Obama's message. Crazy huh? Only in America! Love, Mom

  3. Girl - Power.... Girl!!! Power!!!! GIRL!!!! POWER!!!!

    How's that. Yeah, I'm a pretty good cheer leader.

    So, did you get my package? Was it things you needed? Let us know what you'd like so we can ship it your way.

    Really, goats waking you up? Now that sucks. I think I prefer chickens.

    Well, it certainly sounds like you are busy. And it sounds like you are not as remote as I thought you might be. That's okay. Nothing like a bit of running water and electricity to make one's day. Believe me, when people run out of water around here they call me at home, like I had something to do with it. Any hoooo. I ramble.

    Idaho - again we're all doing pretty good. I survived my first budget session, although 8 other employees did not. The biggest complaint is that the city won't be spending over $20,000 in flowers. Forget that we layed off 7 people, but we have to keep those flowers that die in the winter, get covered in snow and then need to be hauled to the dump. Yes, we have our priorities straight here (again I wish there was a sarcasm font).

    We've been giving our four wheelers a work out. Went up to 10,300 feet last weekend and my butt can still feel the ride. I got a bit of vertigo, but that went away as soon as I quit looking down.

    Other than that - Goober the duck is doing great. I think she's ready to fly.

    Miss you more than a duck would miss water.

    Love you.

  4. I just wanted to say one more thing. When you get that feeling of vertigo...

    Remember to keep looking up.

  5. I love you girl! And I really enjoy reading your stuff! Love you :)