Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Photos

Ok. So here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I tried to pick ones that were representative of the last few months. I'll post a ton on facebook as soon as I can get my thumb drive to America!

These little monsters are the neighborhood kids. They're crazy but pretty awesome. And they're very very creative. And they love to color. Who doesn't though right?!

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These are some members of the Talagona Womens Farmers Group. I love these women. It takes me about half an hour to bike out to their community but they work really hard and I'm trying to help get them bikes and a loan with a local NGO. They also love love love to dance and sing and make me dance...

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This is the captain of my football team, Nima and I at the big celebration at her school. The Vice President came. It was a big deal. He gave a nice speech.

Joan and I at the celebration!

A group of us at the Kobina Festival in Lawra drinkin some pito!

This is a shot of some people we were talking to at an HIV/AIDS program I helped organize. We had about 80 people show up.

Here is me on my birthday getting "powdered" by my friend Adien with baby powder. It's a tradition... I smelled nice after this...

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Mat and I at the Farmers day celebration in Jirapa.

Patience and Portia playing some guitar in my living room.

Joy and I Christmas Morning!!! With our bo fruit creations. Ready for 2010! I hope...


  1. I want to be the first one to comment! I want to come to your house and color and play guitar and dance. I love the fruit creations and is that chocolate? Happy New Year 2010! Love, Mom

  2. Elysie-Pie!

    I heart you! I love all the pictures & I really like the one of Patience & Portia in your living room - I noticed you have quite a few pics on your wall - it looks like those are some of the ones I sent you! :)

    I miss you a ton & wishing you a very Happy New Year! I want that recipe for those fruit yummy creations you & Joy made!

    Love you!

    Your Beanie!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Love your house pics. Whose dog is in the picture? Those fruit dishes look like they are to die for. Had a big earthquake in Yuma this noon 5.8. We rocked and rolled! Was exciting. Happy New Year!!! Love you lots.
    Grandma & Grandpa

  4. Hello my favorite niece! Soon 2010 will be upon us and you will be that much closer to coming back to the states. I've had visits with kayla and jessalyn and jessalyn is already talking about joing the pc. She will be graduating early with a double major and wants to join up after that. Happy new year to you!

  5. Hello Elyse, I've enjoyed your blog. Joan Rocha is my dearest friend. Look out for her for me, won't you? I was glad to see her picture.

    Julia Hall from Charleston, SC

  6. Hello Elyse, this is an interesting blog about daily life in this beautiful region of Ghana! Would you have any info about festivals in your area (Wa, Lawra...) that would take place this year in October? II know Kobina festival can sometimes be in October... Thanks to let me know at