Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recently I went to Kumasi for some In Service Training. Things went well. This is a pic of the whole training group for WATSAN!! We had a good time. Good food. etc...

This is the counterpart I brought to the training. He is great. We represented Jirapa well.

We got to do all sorts of great fun educational/development work. You can see how enthused Richard and I are above. Well...we went to a research institute on livleyhood projects. Like growing mushrooms and pigs.....

All in all a successful training. NEXT I went and helped paint a world map on the library wall of another volunteers site.

And the final product!!

And pounding Fufu. Its amazing how integrated we are right?

So now I'm back at site writing grants and staying really busy and really hot. It was like 115 degrees today. Ugh. I got a fan though so no worries :)


  1. Have you heard the saying? "Grow where you are planted." I can see growth in you and your life and living it each day to its fullest. You have taken root in Africa and put out branches and leaves and your plant will bear fruit for everyone close to you. Take in the sun and when the rains come let it wash away the grime and refresh your soul. We love you and your blogs. Stay well and happy.

  2. Elysie-Pie! Thanks for posting the latest pics! I love the map you painted - it is beautiful. I hope you got to paint Montana! We sure miss you lots, but it looks like everything is going well & you look happy & healthy! Must be all that Fufu! :) I heart you!

  3. Elyse, Joan wanted me to post this message:
    "Before you go to Accra, leave my things with Sr B or Sr J at G,H. Thank you."

    I'm Joan's daughter. We've all enjoyed reading your blog.