Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some pictures!

Ok, I tried to load these on facebook and that failed...really badly. So...I selected just a few to share on here. I'll see if I can get more up later.
This is the famous Guillermo and I about to see Obama! Guillermo thought my grandmother and favorite aunt Patty would appreciate this photo!

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Next we have the wonderful Lindsey and I. She is amazing and her site is way way too far away from mine!!!
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Below are what we like to "grubs". I know what you're thinking, "Wow, that's disgusting/fear factor like I really hope she didn't eat those.." But I did. We stuck them on a stick kabob style, roasted them a little and then ate. It a gusher...and the head is kind of crunchy...I don't think it will be a normal thing in my diet but I'm going all out so it had to be done. Image Hosted by

Speaking of going all out, the beautiful Joy and I got weaves done in our hair. So here is some of that! We are also sporting our latest fashion statement made and picked out by our amazing home stay families!
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So I have officially become a volunteer and sadly left my home stay family. We were a little bit of a mess when the taxi pulled away. For people I could barely have a conversation with I'm gonna miss them a lot. My host grandmother sort of prayed over me/wished me well (I think anyway it was in Twi) and could barely hug me because she was crying. They're an incredible family and took such good care of me. (about sending them a package mom-they don't have an doesn't really work that way here) I gave them some MT huckleberry candies and jam and they loved it! Here is a picture of my little sister Victoria doing some coloring.
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So out of all the sectors at swearing in WAT/SAN was by far the brightest. My host father wove me an entire outfit out of Kente which is a traditional cloth woven in Ghana. A normal 2yard of fabric here cost about 6 to 8 Ghana Cedis but a 2 yard of Kente costs about 60 to 80 cedis depending on the design. Ya, so I was wearing the real thing! This is my sector group all dressed up in our Ghana wear for swearing in!
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Here is a photo of me and Dorothy! She was always a full supporter of my crazy bright hair and clothes. And has been an amazing women and now Peace Corps volunteer to have around.
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Alright, so I'm runnin out of Internet time. But I hope you all enjoyed these few photos. I'll be at my site for awhile now getting settled in. Thank you so much for the letters and I received the package Grandma!! Everyone loves you now as I shared the trail mix/newspaper/gummy bears etc...!!! I still love you the most!
Everyone keep me updated on things at home!! Miss you all!
Peace and Love,



  1. Okay, Grandma sent you a package. Wow... that really put the pressure on me to send you a package as well. You know how competitive us Unruh's are.... Works to your advantage. Really, I just wanted to make sure you got swore in before I footed the bill to send you stuff....(sarcasm font there) Now, I went ahead and sent to you some Idaho things. The package left Idaho today. You'll have to trade if you don't like the instant spuds - but I'm a potatoe farmer's wife - what else would you expect. I sent bobbie pins too. Also, tea and chai and a surpise package - you'll just have to open it to find out what's inside. (No ring in the bottom of that package, or car, or secert code detector). Fish crackers and tuna w/crakers. Craisens... Lots of instant water flavorings. You better tell me you like it A LOT!!! Since it cost me about a year's worth of eggs from my chickens to get it sent to you. Again, thankful for my chickens - as you should be... (Really, the good old US Postmaster demanded cash instead of eggs, but if I was to sell the eggs.... you get the picture.) If you can eat grubs on a stick, you can eat instant mashed potatoes. The hasbrowns in a box - now that is really good. If you have a fry pan after they become soft fry them up a bit. Maybe they'll go well with grubs? Josh, Brandon and Scott like them better than the real thing. The instant potatoes that is...

    Ooohhh - I love, love, love the photo of you and Guillermo. I also love, love, love the rest of the photos. The clothing is fantabulous. And since, after you get your wonderful package from me- your favorit Aunt - you'll be looking around for that little tiny box filled with nothing for me, right? Keep your eyes open.... It won't take up that much space on your trip home.

    I'm so glad you put photos out there. Now I can quit worrying about you starving to death - which defeats the whole purpose of my package - but at last I am a bit more at ease.

    All is well here in Idaho.

    You keep that beautiful smile on.

    Favoirte Aunt Patty

  2. I don't know about the grubs! My stomach did a little flip-flop. Guillermo stated the PCV girls are all good looking. Just watch out for this ladies' man. As Sacha Guitry says,
    "If I were a girl, I'd despair. The supply of good women far exceeds that of the men who deserve them."
    Did you ever have to get rabies shots? I read the series use to be 5 and now is down to 4. You look great, relaxed, going with the flow. I know I don't rate as I only sent you a book and a runner's magazine on July 20th. Did you ever get it? Book Club ladies say I need to brush up the old passport and make the trip to Ghana. Christine definitely wants to make the trip and your Favorite Aunt Patty is game. The University of Montana professor in my book club wants to donate to a third world country a sewer system in her name. Her contribution to the world. Katie was serious. So if you have any good sewer projects let us know.
    @#$% happens. Okay, I have another or two packages that need to come your way. I'll try the WA address to send packages. Love your pictures, love the people and love you! Mom

  3. Dear Sweet Elyse,
    Love your new blog with the pictures. I don't care if I get virus's as my computer is ready for the junk pile anyway. We need to hear more about your home & how you have furnished it. I hope you have a comfortable bed. Anyway it doesn't seem that you are getting bored or I hope not anyway. I'm sure you are meeting a lot of interesting people. I love the picture of your little sister. She must be a real cutie. I mentioned on Facebook that I mailed you another package on 8/19/09. Note it on your calender so we know how long it takes to get there. Can you have that hairdo undone or do you have to live with it forever? The picture of you and your friend on Facebook looks like you've lost weight. Don't lose too much. Hope you've learned how to cook the local fare besides grubs.
    Stay well and lots of love,
    Grandma & Grandpa